In the southeast in the heel of Italy lays APULIA or as the Italians say PUGLIA.

The region is one of the most exotic regions of Italy and has been influenced by many different cultures. This explains the many cultural relics, varied architecture and interesting buildings in this area.

Throughout the area there are beautiful green olive groves up to 300 year old trees. Apulia takes about 50% of the total Italian olive oil production accounted for. The location of Apulia you always swimming at your fingertips and you can snorkel in the clear water between the rocks or enjoy beautiful beaches in Torre Canne, in the Gulf of Taranto and include Gargano.

When it comes to beautiful and interesting sights Puglia has a lot to offer.
Beautiful baroque towns and small villages with many nice shopping streets, squares and alleys with cozy bars and authentic restaurants where the delicious regional specialties and wines have nice low prices.


The architecture of the city is characterized by the Baroque. You should definitely visit the cathedral and the church of Santa Croce. The city also has an amphitheater, a Roman theater and a castle.

Is also called the White City and is located on 3 hills. There are several interesting monuments such as the church of San Francesco, the cathedral and Chiesa delle Monacelle. Furthermore, the city is also an archaeological museum.

The city is characterized by hundreds of trulli, which are architecturally unique. There is every Thursday market in the city.

Castel del Monte:
This Gothic castle with eight octagonal towers with its mysticism and myths spun history through the ages inspired many writers and artists.

Grotte di Castellana;
Very beautiful caves, over 2 km long and caused by prehistoric subterranean rivers that the beautiful formations of stalagmites and stalactites left.

Uniquely situated on a hill with a beautiful historic center with shops, restaurants and monuments.
Also Matera with its cave dwellings, Monopoli with the harbor and the sea, the baroque Martina Franca, Grottaglie with its ceramics etc.

A water park with all the trimmings for a very attractive entry prices, visit 20km drive from our trullo.

For golf lovers thre are two golf courses nearby (20-30 minutes drive):

Coccaro Golf Club and San Dominico Golf Club – both located near Fasano.

The kitchen in Puglia is inspired by the long coastline in the region. On the menu are mainly fish, shellfish and sea urchinsand even oysters are a delicacy. Eel is also common on the table and eel soup is a favorite. The Puglia is also known for its delicious bread and pasta its own species. The sausage specialties capocollo di Martina Franca but the cheese: Caciocavallo Podolico Gargano which herbs and vanilla smells are famous.
Beside the delicious food we can recommend to try the already famous wines from the Puglia: Salice Salentino and the Primitivo Manduria with all their variants.

There are plenty of options around Trullo Presidente to sit back and enjoy the Puglia cuisine.
In our information you will find also several recommendations for restaurants.
For example in Ceglie Messapica, located about 10 minutes drive, we recommend Ristorante Dellisanti (see picture on image page) and Entro – Terra.

The region has a year-round pleasant and mild climate with plenty of sunshine, almost no precipitation and summer daytime temperatures of 25-30 degrees